"His performance was brilliant and emotional, but, more than that, was excellent in terms of offering us a truly impressive version of the Manuel M. Ponce Concerto.We discovered valuable details in the work that previously had gone unnoticed, and that Pablo tookadvantage of to show us his virtuosity."
Boletin de Radio Universidad

"Of special note was concertmaster Pablo Diemecke's display of musical maturity and expertise as soloist for Dvorak's Romance for Violin and Orchestra. Diemecke's performance was a study in artistry and subtlety -from the sobbing yet controlled introductory phrases to the technically assured, more mellow playing he produced later on."

"He is on the road to success because of his musicality, his contagious enthusiasm, and his passionate temperament. He is acquiring the sonorous balance of his instrument, and his tonal beauty is remarkable.There is a lot of mettle in the young violinist." (Saint-Saens:Concerto)
Silvino Jaramillo

"He performed the concerto by the French composer (Saint-Saens) with pulchritud, good intonation, and without exaggerating the themes of the most beautiful of the three violin concertos. Pablo Diemecke took glory in his excellent technique."
Elisa Kahan
El Tiempo

"Pablo Diemecke, from Xalapa, is one of the outstanding violinists of Mexico. Diemecke unites his good musical taste with a magnificent technique, and did a good interpretation of this Mozart Concerto."
Sergio Dorantes Guzman
Punto y Aparte

"Diemecke demonstrated that he has a special place in our musical medium. He has temperament, abundant technique, and he expresses sentiment without becoming sticky-sweet."
Ricardo Rondon

"Pablo Diemecke is a master of the violin. The romanticism work (Bruch) matches the romantic style of the performer. Pablo Diemecke has great interpretive subtleties; he is not a violinist full of classicism, but he feels the music, he interprets it within the romanticism of Bruch; it seems as if the strings of his violin were spilling over with an infinite amount of essences of great romantic hades, as if the soloist were materially wrapped up inside them."
Manuel Monroy
El Universal

"Diemecke interpreted beautifully the Beethoven Violin Concerto. Upon performing this lovely concerto, (he) demonstrated coherence between music and life, without ever neglecting control ... The Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D Major that we heard lastnight ... resulted gigantic, formidable, with technical and formal splendor, with limpid and agitated dialect, with melodic brilliance ..."
Yolanda de Rodriguez

"The Haydn Sinfonia Concertante in B Flat Minor was the highlight of Sunday's concert. ... All are top-notch players; all played extremely well ... Diemecke'sbeautiful, keening tone often soared above the rest of the players. The violinist ... is a tremendously skilled musician, able to coax delicate or dramatic sounds
from his instrument with equal ease and technical finesse."
Adrian Chamberlain

"He played the Kreisler music to quite good effect, the Ponce Sonata came off well, and the other works were also nicely turned out. His playing was musical and his ideas about interpretation were generally commendable."
The New York Times

"The Mexican-born musician -- a talented violinist --provided an impressive ... rendering of this showy work (Sibelius). Diemecke handled the music's notorious technical demands well, and boasted a compelling and expressive tone."
Adrian Chamberlain

"... Samuel Barber's Violin Concerto, which featured ... Pablo Diemecke (provided) moments of heart-rending beauty ... (In the second movement) Pablo Diemecke's sweet tone became more projected and at times the music reached a passionately romantic level ... a refreshing change of pace."
Laurence E. MacDonald
Flint The Journal
Diemecke's playing (of Ponce's Violin Concerto) was vibrant, especially in the sizzling pyrotechnic cadenza of the opening movement."  
Daniel Buckley
Tucson Citizen Music Critic

"Throughout this work, (Sibelius) the brothers Diemecke worked well as a team to produce some inspired romantic music."
Laurence E. MacDonald
Flint The Journal

"The soloist was the conductor's brother, Pablo Diemecke, an artist of lean, bright tone capable even so of great passion The toughest part of this work, (Ponce's Violin Concerto), is the first movement cadenza, full of difficult runs, trills and double stops. The soloist took command of these pages without a single drop of perspiration, making the difficulties seem like little challanges he was dreaming up on the spot just to amuse himself.
James Reel
The Arizona Daily Star

"In (the Ponce Concerto) the participation of Pablo Diemecke was notable as soloist, with a very good interpretation done with dedication and full dominance over his violin ... also noteworthy was the end of the cadenza, where the soloist has the liberty to improvise upon the themes proposed by the composer, demonstrating virtuosity and such a high level of playing that the audience burst into applause before the work ended."
Felizardo Andrade & Victor Luna
El Imparcial
Hermosillo, Sonora

"Victoria Symphony concertmaster Pablo Diemecke and Marylou Dawes gave a splendidly assured account of a seldom-heard piece (Ponce's Sonata Breve), which, playing without a score, Diemecke evidently has inhis bones."
Deryk Barker

"Pablo Diemecke proved an excellent soloist:  his initial entry (Bruch Concerto in G minor)-- frequently a perilous moment--was particularly assured, and his sense of line and style throughout was irreproachable.  His tone was rich and full, and his portamento and rubato tasteful and perfectly judged."
Deryk Barker

"It is probable that one reason the concerto (Elgar) is so seldom played is its fearsome difficulties for the soloist, both technically and physically...  Diemecke proved a worthy exponent..His mastery of the notes themselves,and of Elgar's uniquely yearning nostalgia, was beyond question:  as witness, especially, the extraordinary (and unique in the literature) reflective accompanied last-movement cadenza, in which he held the audience spellbound.
Deryk Barker


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